Library visit

Preparing for seminars/Assignments/ Projects

News paper/Journals reading

e-magazine updating/ feeding

Panel discussions

Sports/games/ Gym

TV watching –news channels.
Guest lecturers

Labs(PC lab, Language Lab, Computer Training)

Work shops: Personality development, Student Empowerment.

Elocution/Debates/Group discussion

Time management/Stress management/ Confidence building/ Brain mapping/Inter personal skills sessions

Social skills: like non aggressive body language, soft skills, gestures, communication skills, leadership skills and social consciousness.

Training on spoken English/Phonetics/ Accent.

Evaluation: Weekly assessment of student learning progress.

Music/dance/ swimming
Aptitude development to write analytical reports, memo preparation, reviews from periodicals and Journals.

Presentation skills.. Print and electronic media.

Reading habits… reading of books which have changed the lives of many peoples

Visual shows/Documentaries of social and Historical significance, Oscar award winning films.

Video conferencing with prominent personalities